October 02, 2021 1 min read


You helped free me from so many monsters I had locked inside me. Thank you @therealec3 you helped take my rose colored glasses off and truly see the beauty of the world!!!!

I changed the day we filmed this. You believed in me and I believe in you @freethenarrator told me to bet on myself and that hit so close to home because that is what got me so far in life betting on myself and I forgot how to do it i stopped believing in myself.

I left millions of dollars on the table to be able to do something I cared about in my heart something I feel will be so very important to other people that are struggling with there selves.

There’s more important things in life sometimes than a pay check and this is 100% one of those things. I am forever indebted to you both for reaching your hands out to a man who was lost and just needed an outlet to be set free!!!!


Jedediah Christopher
Jedediah Christopher