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To #ControlYourNarrative is to tell your story. ⁣

It began as a therapeutic way for me to tell my story. Not only as a professional, but as a man. It took me on a journey of self discovery and when I say through #TheNarrative “you find your #purpose”, it is very real.⁣

By incorporating others, the objective was to bring something real and tangible out of those I saw something in. A reality that they’d never get to show or explore through #corporate #wrestling, or the need to “please people.”⁣

In Free The Narrative I, I picked a fight with @themattcardona for that reason. What I didn’t expect was his ability to pull something out of me. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time.⁣

#Gratitude ⁣

A #synchronicity is a sign from the world you are following the path you are meant to be on. The amount of these synchronicities that brought these people into my life, removed others, brought others back into my life, and put countless things in motion is beyond coincidental.⁣

They were meant to be.⁣

There are many to show #gratitude too for their help/support/work in allowing us to create #FreeTheNarrative. ⁣

These are some:⁣

@adamscherr99 - it would have been very easy and very profitable to take your name/resume to show up immediately in any #ThreeLetterBrand. Instead, you bravely chose another route, bet on us, and most importantly bet on yourself. You have a story of your own to tell that it is deep and personal. This fight is your therapy and at the end of it you will #Rise who you are supposed to be.⁣

Having said that, I still have have to kick your ass.⁣

@tommytankx - The incredible music and ambiance your immense skills provide #FTN could tell these stories with out a spoken word. Your passion and drive I know would make your father proud.⁣

⁣@epnfilms - (aka #TheExcutioner) One chance encounter brought us together. You have fought the toughest enemy one can in life and you won. Now you fight with us and we never leave a man behind. The #bluechew WAS FOR YOU!⁣

@manuel_rivano - Your gift of vision brought us this far. When I told you “this is the one” I meant it. Our door is always open.⁣

Thank you for trusting us with your stories. It’s our great honor in life to be able to help facilitate these stories to a world that deserves hear them. Your faith in me means more than you know.⁣

-If you are ever caught crying on a plane by a passenger that you tell “I miss my friend” again @rohdutch , I hope it’s me.⁣

-FTW @thejohnskyler⁣

-“It’s going to take two.” @parrow49 ⁣

-You are a #RisingSon. And the f*cking man @thewestinblake

-You have gone so far beyond the call of duty @lokeys910 you will always have a place by my side.⁣

-You caught me on the right goddamn day @official_imjakelogan . Let’s see how much you can grow.⁣

We all wear masks @gentlemanjervis . What is underneath is what makes you who you are.⁣

-The character you portray is one thing @thejamiestanley . The person I know you are is where you truly ascend.⁣

-You answered my call @thematttaven . I hope the effort we have given you matches what you gave us.⁣

- @matt2point0 @jeff2point0 I knew your fate when I knew your immense talent. And I knew your success would be on the other side. Thank you for adding levity.⁣

@saintnickxo - this fool is a legit actor, genius, and friend.⁣

@mrrobey5 and @starlessphil - No matter how far we are from it, having your involvement makes it feel like home.⁣

#TheProjects - You took a risk, traveled great distances, paid dues and your way for no guarantees all for a chance to be part of something that even I didn’t know what it would be. I hope your time was worth it. You learned a great deal, and know you’re front of the line when FTN III comes about and hundreds of #dreamers are knocking at the door.⁣

To my peers who’ve shown great support and interest and those close to us. Your interpretations, feedback, and true criticism pushed us forward while making us look at things from another perspective. Thank you for investing your time, your heart, your support, and even your lengthy reviews.⁣

Fans who have found either simple entertainment or even deeper meaning, thank you. We are trying to create something unique for you to invest in, feel, and find yourself through. This is for you, and continues to grow through your support and word of mouth.⁣

@freethenarrator - without you, there is no #narrative. You speak these stories to life through our words. The insane work load, hurdles you’ve jumped, challenges you have taken on to see this through go beyond inspiring. I’m beyond proud of the leader and man you have become and if this is your #LifesWork, it is a life well lived. You ARE who you are supposed to be.⁣

#FreeTheNarrative II “The Monster In Us All” ft. ec3 vs @adamscherr99 (available 10/02/21 on @fitetv⁣
#FreeEC3 #ec3 ⁣⁣
#AdamScherr FKA #BraunStrowman soon to be #REDACTED

Jedediah Christopher
Jedediah Christopher