March 18, 2021 2 min read

The Narrative: Briefs
by: the essential character

As #TheNarrative continues to grow, we have found great purpose in telling stories that exist within both the realm of wrestling, and our realities beyond.

Available as a rental on Vimeo or FREE with a purchase of a Rapture Skull Shirt or hoodie, these are The Narrative: Briefs

In "Rapture" I declare INTENT.

These words spoken immediately after #BoundForGlory, where I destroyed the last remnants of Ethan Carter while sacrificing my past to @moosenation69 so he can become the man I know he can be, I delivered the next evolution of my greater purpose.

A Rapture of this entire industry.

This is a biblical crusade to bring awareness to how our industry has been:

•OVERTAKEN by corporate machines and their "three letter" brands.

•OVERRUN by competitors who have sold out their pride and sense of self to the #DementedNarcissim of pseudo fame, social media engagement, and conformity within our own ranks.

•INFECTED by a fan base who have secluded themselves in a bubble of group think, allow their opinions to be formed not by personal preference, but a bought and paid for "wrestling media" all the while going to war with each other over allegiances that are two sides of the same coin.

Am I a raving lunatic? Burnt, bitter, and angry?
Or am I speaking truth? Showing you a different way? A better way.

The decision is yours.

In "Lust" watch as I visit the true "underground."

Coproduced with No Peace Underground, I walk into, not a sound stage built in a "performance" center, but the true underground. A dank building, dark, filled with low life's, lost souls, and the strong scent of stale beer

In this second level of my journey through the hellish landscape of professional wrestling, Lust is where I seek an offering, a proverbial lamb to slaughter. The lamb does not go gently, and there will be BLOOD.

In "Scars" - In this monologue, I remind you that we all suffer from our past. We all have Scars.

"Scars" are reminders of wounds had and overcome.

Your "Scars" are symbols.

Conscious - Only you know the true thoughts that race through your mind. Your existence both internal and external.

In "Conscious" I am reminded, via spoken word, what has transpired over this past year and has brought us to this point, and personally brought me to this transcendence.

"Conscious" is a piece The Narrative is very proud of, and when released was thwarted by big tech overlords due to what some considered controversial, but in reality is a very blunt and very real truth.

Enjoy The Narrative: Briefs as we will continue to bring a mature and realistic perspective to not simply wrestling, but to your journey as a whole.


Jedediah Christopher
Jedediah Christopher