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Written date 3/8/2021


The Narrative: by the essential character


July 18 2020


I, along with my creative cohort @freethenarrator, released #TheNarrative.


We created The Narrative for a multitude of reasons:


Reason 1:  Upon the “pandemic” related blood letting that was WWE’s releases on 4/15/20, I was already committed to taking my “persona” or “character” in a completely different direction from the past. Whether it was there, or somewhere else, this was what I was becoming. No matter what. The Top 1% was dead. My past was just that. The past.


I crossed the rubicon.


The release just allowed me to create it, unimpeded from any other “creative” input.


I had 90 Days.


Reason 2:  As we continued creating content, and I honed in on who I was becoming, my indoctrination website, we ran a countdown for when my 90 Day Non Compete Clause ended.   


With the chance that pandemic conditions would prevent shows from taking place, there was no guarantee any corporate wrestling program would be available. The countdown required a conclusion.


The NARRATOR suggested we create what has become known as a “cinematic match.” I agreed. It just had to be different. It had to be “real.”


Reason 3:  When launching a drastic, new “character” into the world of PRO WRESTLING (sports-entertainment) it requires an introduction to the FANS (universe) a digestible unveiling to show:


  1. WHO this person is. How they would move, act, and react.
  2. WHAT this person does. Unique characteristics, facials, MOVESET (the worst term in wrestling.) The character’s look, their music, their presentation.
  3. WHERE this person will go. Not only “company” wise, but where their story will take you.
  4. Most importantly, WHY fans should care.


Reason 4:  Both The NARRATOR and I had views on the presentation of “cinematic matches,” how stories can be told, and wrestling’s presentation as a whole. We wanted something different.


If you want something, you have to take upon yourself to get it. 




While I appreciated the “cinematic” aspects and all the creativity that was shown by those before us, the style I wanted to be was raw, gritty, and realistic.


The NARRATOR wanted to portray it as art, with the inclusion of cinematography, music, and symbology. Something deeper than what was just on the surface. This feeling was mutual.


Reason 5:  A great challenge. Through challenging yourself, growth takes place. You have to take ownership of all facets. It will be difficult, it will test you. You have to accept accountability, and the fact that failure or success depends on only one factor. Yourself.


We wanted the challenge. We were inspired from my new direction and some of our favorite films, characters, books, and music of the past. We wanted to take those influences and create something uniquely our own, unique to the industry. 


We created #TheNarrative.


To make The Narrative’s combat different, we removed the referee.

-In The Narrative there is no authority. The fight is decided when one submits, one is knocked out, or one can’t stand.


To make The Narrative’s presentation different, we put a camera man in the ring. In harm’s way.

-In The Narrative, the physical combat is direct, putting the viewer in the middle of the fight. It is an unproven art, but it is unique, real, and raw. Fate intervened and we found our key to this in the form of The CINEMATOGRAPHER (@manuel_rivano)


To tell The Narrative’s story, we used music and symbolism over just words.

-At this point, I have said enough about who I was. I spent 12 weeks writing and speaking, with the team of The NARRATOR and The HISTORIAN (@iamhuntley) producing. Finding inspiration from an orchestral score, The NARRATOR consulted with The COMPOSER (@TommyTankx) on producing a song that fit the theme and nature of who I was. 


The first half of our story was told though it was a music video for the theme song I would use going forward. We sought to tie together the “truths” I have spoken, destroying what I no longer found attachment to, and, most important, who I was becoming.


To accomplish The Narrative, we had a loyal group. 

-The message spread, and not only were fans believing, but friends were. A loyal group of friends traveled through pandemic conditions to take part. More loyal friends and colleagues, came to provide a visual aesthetic and moral support. Even more friends and partners lend us their time and assets to accomplish our vision. My opponent FODDER (@lokeys910) risked financially and physically for what could be an “opportunity” even if he had to die for my sins. I will honor his initial sacrifice for the rest of my days. 


The Narrative’s “why” revealed itself to us this day. 

- It’s the “pillars” I preach. Control. Freedom. Purpose.


Since The Narrative’s release, there is possibilities elements of it had been “stolen” in other national promotions. 

Maybe it inspired an “underground” a week later on Episodic TV. If it did, what their presentation lacked was “heart.” 

Maybe it inspired a match I was a part of? If it did, though the match served its purpose, I found elements to be lacking. It was approached more as what has been done, then what has yet to be done. 

Maybe visuals inspired production of other cinematic matches, with endless budgets? 

Maybe.. maybe not. 

It doesn’t matter. 

Nobody likes a complainer, especially me. 

If these elements were borrowed we can be proud. It means the work is that good, innovative, speaks to fans and people want to emulate it.


The only thing that matters, truly matters, is the work you put out, the feedback of those that gave it their time, and your satisfaction with achieving your goal. We achieved our goal, but...


We are not satisfied. 

We want more. 

We will do more.


This is a mission statement: We will take on an even bigger challenge. We will challenge ourselves harder.  We will create our art the best way we know how. We will fail, but more importantly we will succeed because of those failures. We will tell our stories AND the stories of many more. 


-We believe in The Narrative. 

-We believe the industry and it’s fans deserve a different presentation.

-We believe in those that believe in us. The talent that joined The Narrative. The friends/family that support our creative endeavor. The fans who have invested their time and emotion in my story, and even have found inspiration in their own lives.


We will live by our motto:





THE NARRATIVE from Control Your Narrative on Vimeo.


Jedediah Christopher
Jedediah Christopher