September 08, 2021 1 min read

From the propaganda desk of the essential character (ec3):⁣

Who is the best “WRESTLER” in the world?⁣

Define “BEST.”⁣

Is being the best the loudest crowd reactions? The flashiest “move set” The highest star ratings? ⁣

Or is being the best the opinion of your peers?⁣

Enter Westin Blake.⁣

To wrestling fans, Blake may not be in their conversation. ⁣

To wrestlers, Blake is the conversation.⁣

On 10/1/21 at #FreeTheNarrative: The Monster In Us All Westin Blake takes the derogatory term “GOOD HAND”, balls it into a fist, and begins his fight for #Control#Freedom, and #Purpose.⁣

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Jedediah Christopher
Jedediah Christopher