About Us

EC3 is an entity that has been in entertainment, with a focus on professional wrestling/fitness, for over 15 years.

Through his #FreeEC3 brand and their creation of #TheNarrative ec3 and his partner Jedediah Koszewski combine expertise in live entertainment, event coordinating, and brand development that spans the fields of television, film, music, commercials, health/fitness, and social media content creation.

Affiliated with the world's top television wrestling programs, independent film/commercial production, and world-renown supplement companies #FreeEC3 brings unique branding and content creation to speak to an audience cultivated in multiple genres, and a public welcoming to a new perspective.

By adopting the ethos #ControlYourNarrative, #FreeEC3 focuses on providing the audience the will and desire to tell their story.

To take control of their life and actions. To embrace their freedom to think, act, and speak without fear. To find purpose in whatever it is they desire to do.