“The NARRATOR” and his Documentary Film Team have captured, through a cinematic lens, one night in #TheNarrative.

Bringing a unique blend of athleticism, story-telling, music, and cinematic propaganda “Free The Narrative” will be a feature unlike anything ever seen in the realms of professional wrestling and independent film making. 


All participants in “Free The Narrative” are there on their own accord. The fighters, the docuteam, and the witnesses all sacrificed their time, their bodies, their personal finances, and parts of their very souls for one reason.


They believe.


They believe in the physicality, the meaning of the message, and the circumstances that brought them together this one fateful night. 


They believe fans of sport and entertainment deserve a product that differs from the norm. A product that thinks outside the box, pushes the envelope.  A presentation that makes you care about the fighters, their plight, and their realities.


“Free The Narrative” is their canvas. Fighting is their art. And they will paint their masterpieces.


“The NARRATOR,” and the essential character believed that one can not just hope or complain for change. 


One must act.


If you choose to support their united purpose, “Free The Narrative” is available exclusively as a rental on the Vimeo platform.